By Jacqueline Holland Richardson

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


I had planned to do so much for this party. The week of, my sinuses began to ache! So, unfortunatelly, many things were omitted. For that DD, I am sorry! Here is what we did have.
The kids had pizza, fries, and fruit served in cafeteria style trays. I also made french fry boxes. The adults had wings, sandwiches, spinach dip, and fruit. To drink, of course, we served red ( strawberry) kool-aid and H2O.

The Sweet Shop

When everyone saw the sweet shop, they went crazy. The kids as well as the parents visited the sweet shop.

HSM decorations

Here are some of the decorations used for the party. We used red and white everything! The letters were cut with my lovely cricut.


Last Saturday was my DD's 6th birthday party. I am still tired. The HSM theme was awesome. Both boys and girls had a wonderful time. My camera is acting a little waky. I will post soon. I am also planning a crayola birthday party, a crayola cooking party, and a baby shower. Did I mention school is back in and I have 23 students, five year olds that is!