By Jacqueline Holland Richardson

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sight words

Hi guys. This school year is giving me a run for my money! We are starting this new reading program called SFA ( Sucess for All). It is a cool program, but we didin't have enough time to get acquainted with the materials. I have been really trying to get it together! Our SFA facilitator is soooo AWESOME! I thank God for her. It takes a special person or let's say someone filled with the Holy Spirit to do this job. She is having to deal with so much and so many teachers who are soooooooooooo confused. Bless you Ms. G.

I haven't had time to create much lately, but here is a lil' something for my ELL students who are in need of pre-primer sight word practice. Last year I found an origami paper wallet to use for a sight word holder. One side of the wallet was for words they knew and the other side was for words they didn't know. This year, I decided to make a wallet with some flashcard words. Here is a preview. The first three people to comment can have it for free. Other wise it will be in my TPT store for $3. I hope you find it useful.