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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Target Finds!

I went to Target and look at what I found! I found the bottles (plastic) needed for my milk and cookies bar. Since my DD wants a pool paty, I will also use them for lemonade. Target has there Country Time Lemonade on sale for 1.97. They have strawberry, regular, and pink lemonade. In the one spot, I found hotdog and corn holders as well as water balloons, all for 1.00 each. Oh Yeah, the bottles are 4.99 each. Good price! I saw them at another store for 8.00 each.

2 new parties

O.K. summer is right around the corner and its time to party. My daughter wants a camp out and a pool party so some friends can come over to swim. I am on the hunt for some ideas. I will post some pics of what I found!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Take a look!

What if I told you that there is a popsicle out in popsicle land that is shaped like a watermelon.Would ya believe me? Well take a look:

Over at maddycakesmuseblogspot, the perfect watermelon pop was found at an Asian grocery store. I will be on the hunt for these tomorrow and I will let you know if I find them. Wish me look!

Monster Jam Dirt Fest

Over at the Purplepug blogspot, Kristy ( I pray this is right), did an awesome job for her son's party. I won't say a word! Just check out these pictures and/or visit the sight.

Milk & Cookie bar

Nothing's better than cold milk and some home made cookies. I have seen several parties with this theme as well as just as an add-on at a party. Do you think that would be a great addition to my HSM party? Please vote! Here is a pic from purplepug's blogspot. Please go visit! AWESOME


Sorry I haven't been posting anything. My DD has been sick and we are having some work done to our house. We are adding a deck and a small patio. Why both? Well, we've always wanted a deck and God blessed, and there you have it. the patio came due to extra red clay dirt left over from last year's pool installation. The red dirt left a huge red spot in our yard and so we want it covered. I promise I will upload pics when everything is finished! WOW, just in time for Memorial Day! God is Awesome!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo Op

I want to have somthing like a photo op at my DD HSM party. We are using HSM standees and I also thought about this. Over at, she created these cute photo ops for a carnival party. I will paint a graduation type theme picture , since HSM is about high school and I think we will be showing HSM 3, which is when they all graduate. So of course this will be perfect and they can have the option of photo ops.

BEE's anyone?

I have seen this Bee theme on several blogs now. I have seen it in two ways, as a birthday party and as a baby shower's theme : What Will it Bee? How cute is that. The details are very cute. So pay close attention. You can get lots of inspiration from this party, I know I have. For more details and more pictures visit the creator of this party's blog at A to Zebra Celebrations blogspot. You'll bee glad you did!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Are you drooling yet? Did you see the cool tutorial pics? Bakerella rocks! She also gives recipes and picture tutorials for other food items as well. So when you have time, just take a look and continue to drool all over your keyboard! Over at, a mom, Wendy W. had a slam dunk sports party and created these sports cake pops. You know I will be making the basketball pops for the boys.

Cake Pops

Are you all familiar with cake pops? OMG! Let me introduce you to them and the person responsible for my love of them. is an awesome site. Everything she makes, she gives photo tutorials. When you visit this site, just plan to me amazed. Take a look at these cake pops.

It's ALL OVER!!!

I am so excited to be out for the summer! This year was very challenging for me. To God be the glory for bringing me as well as all teachers through. I pray that all teachers have a Blessed and safe summer break. I will enjoy my family!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ice Cream Buffet

Here is the picture I was telling you about in my previous post. How awesome is this. Visit and see the great aspects of this ice cream buffet. I'm inspired!

ice cream

I am in awe of the blogs that are available. There are so many wonderful ideas. I saw an idea that a mommy pre-scooped ice cream into cupcake liners and froze them and brought them out during the party. So... I got to thinking, what an awesome idea. Instead of the small expensive cups, purchase different flavors so everyone, even the adults can be happy. Maybe some mocha flavored ice cream for the parents and cookies and cream for the kids. For those who are lactose intolerant, a sorbet of some sort. Here is a picture that I found. Imprintablesblogspot mentioned this picture becuase they used personalized ice cream spoons. I won't do that but sinced I have some of those wonderful cupcake cups (nut cups), I will pre-scoop my ice cream as well. Hey... why not also have a mini ice cream buffet as well. The kids can add there on toppings. Might be fun...definetly yummy. I do have an excellent picture of an ice cream buffet that I think you might like.


I have been seeing these fabulous rock candy lollys on everyones candy buffet
and of course I wanted some too! Many candy sites sell them by the dozen and that can be rather expensive. While home in SC for Mother's day, I went to a local wholesale store and found these babies. What vibrant colors. There are 36 assorted pops. I think I paid 21.oo for them. I can't tell you just yet what I am going to do with them. Let's just say in all the posts I have read and seen, I have never seen the rock pops presented in this manner. Prepare to be shocked and AMAZED! I love Walgreens. My local Walgreens had these Milky Way candy bars for 17 cents each. I paid 4.55 for the entire box. These will be on the buffet mainly for the parents.

What I'm doing

Here are a couple of things I recently made for the HSM party. The big pink thing you are looking at is a "piece of candy". Its actually a lantern wrapped in cellophane. these will be hanging from the ceiling at the candy buffet table. I also made another favor that will be at the candy buffet. Its a toothbrush and children's flossers in a cellophane baggie. The tag says " After you've had your sweets, remember to floss and brush your teeth". The graphic , I think was purchased from PCC Wraps, which are no longer on line. I hope the site comes back. ( I think it was from this site. I have purchased so many graphics and templates, I can't remember. If this is yours, please email me so I can give you credit).

T-shirt favors

Good morning all. Came across this while looking for ideas. Over at maddycakes blog under party ideas, I stumbled upon an astronaut party. I love the ideas. The wonderful person over at Life Frosting put this creative party together. The ideas are awesome. I like the NASA shirts. My DH bought me a YuDu for Mother's Day and I plan to use it to do shirts and backpacks. When I make them I promise to upload pics.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dollar Tree finds

I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and I found the most amazing items. I thought it was soooo very cool to find these candy flavored lip glosses: laffy taffy, sweet tarts, and pixie stix, all
cadies on my candy buffet. How awesome is that! I also found some sports slinkys, and now & later candies. I grew up on the stuff. Mr. Thompson's corner store sold now & later candies for 25 cents. The $ tree had an 8pk for 1.00. I also found these basketball water bottles. The $ tree also had sports themed ring pops. I took a picture, but its really blurry. I hope these fabulous finds can be used at your next p-a-r-t-y!

HSM favor for boys

This is what I have so far for the boys. They have a chocolate Hershey bar, mini bar, and a goody bag. I tend to go over board on favors. For each game I give prizes. I will show you all some other fabulous find that I found yesterday at the Dollar Tree.


Here are two shirts I made using my cricut. If you would like to know how they were done, leave me a comment. As you can see the shirts were made for St. Patrick's Day ( the pot of gold) and for Dr. Suess Day ( the cat in the hat).

Pool pics

Here are the pics I promised to upload of our pool. This was a gift to myself after completing my specialist degree. Its so much fun and so worth the maintenance.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have thought and thought, and thought about the type of invite I should use for my DD's HSM party. I thought about using lanyards, ticket invitations, or chocolate CD invites. Here are an example of each. Which do you like. Please vote in the poll.

Awesome blogs

I have found some wonderful blogs that have sparked my creativity for my HSM party. Over at, this creative lady has layed out some wonderful ideas. The hwtm blog also featured this wonderful celebration. Here are a few pics to spark your interests. Its so awesome that I too thought about doing the lanyards. I found some at my local Dollar Tree last school year. I said that I would save them for my DD's rock star party.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back pack favors

I just looked in my oriental trading magazine and found these really cute back packs. I think I am gonna get these for party favors. I will use my YuDu and add something pertaining to my DD's birthday. Take a look.

Swim time

Is it HOT or what? Can't wait to jump in the pool. Since school is out, I guess that is what we will be doing. The pool is good exercise as well. We need to replace our pool liner, so hopefully we can jump in on Memorial Day. OH Yeah! we are going to get a deck built as well. God is so good. He gives us our needs and wants. Just be faithful and He will do the rest. I will upload pictures of the pool that we took last year. Stay tuned for the deck!

Mini bar wrappers

Hi all! One more day of school!!!! I can not wait. I made a very simple wrapper for the HSM party. These mini wrappers just have "Thank You" on them. These are for the boys. I have also made the large wrapper for the boys as well and their goody bag. I will take pictures and upload later on this evening.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lunch boxes

At my DD princess party, I pre-packaged all the kids lunches in boxes I purchased from my local cake store. Since we are having a HSM party, the lunches will be in backpacks. Yes paper backpacks. I am using card stock to make the back packs. You can purchase the template over at belles printables She has wonderful templates and other printable to use for personal or commercial use. The pricing is higher for commercial use. Take a look at these. She also has several varieties to choose from. I love this site. I think I am going to go with
the white and add embellishments using the Cricut. I will upload a sample soon.