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Sunday, May 16, 2010


This party was a huge hit, not only for the girls but the boys as well. I promised I would tell you about some aspects I used to make this party a hit. First, we played pin the kiss on the frog, then we painted princess figurines and the boys had dragons that I found at Michael's. The boys also decorated shields and the girls made bracelets. Lunch was so very easy. Each kid got to choose their lunch, which was a boxed lunch. Most were too excited to eat, so we wrote their names on the boxes and they took them home for later. What was in the boxes you may ask, well there was a sandwhich (ham, chicken, or turkey) condiments, utensils, chips, a rice krispy treat, and a juice box. The parents really appreciated that they could take them home for later.
Also at each game and activity, there were prizes. The prizes were stickers, candy, and little pinata like toys in cellophane bags with a mom made baggie favor label. I will try and find some pics to upload. What a lovely pinata. Its a pull-string pinata. She was too pretty to hit. When doing a pinata, so everyone will have an equal amount of candy, prepackage the treats in a cellophane bag (visit local dollar store) and place in the pinata! This will work and there will not be any tears!

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