By Jacqueline Holland Richardson

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pool Party

Hello All! The pool party was a hit! The kids and adults had a wonderful time. I didn't take many pics of the actual party because I was the designated adult in the pool while the others ate and played games. I did take pictures of the candy buffet table, some decorations on the inside, and the goody bags. I am so sorry, You didn't get to see the outside. Here are the pics I promised! Have a Blessed Day! I will do a second post with more pics and explanations for each favor made.


The Purple Pug said...

I LOVE this! My boys would flip! The Plankton & Spongebob bottles look awesome! The matchbooks are adorable. The whole sweets table looks so cute. Love the wave detail on the box. Excellent job. The kids must have flipped out!

t00precious said...

They did! Most of them did not want to go home.